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Weitlaner Retractor

Weitlaner Retractor is perfect to hold the edges of the shallow incision

What is Weitlaner retractor

Weitlaner retractor is a self-retaining instrument named after the Austrian surgeon Franz Weitlaner who made this versatile instrument to fulfill the surgical assistance. The instrument features a scissor-like design. The finger ring structure with ratchet lock makes it well-suited not only for holding back tissues but gives better visualization of the area under examination. The unique design also allows reduced surgeon’s hand fatigue during surgical procedures. The scissor-like design features pointed prong at the tip with either sharp or blunt blades make this retractor more excellent. It is also preferably used in joint & bone procedures, plastic surgery, femoropopliteal bypass, herniotomy, and mastoid surgery. It is also handy for deep, small incisions and soft tissue dissection at the superficial level.

Types of Weitlaner Retractor

Beckman Weitlaner Retractor

This is a highly versatile surgical instrument that is widely used to separate the wound incision. It is also known as a “hinged blade ear surgical instrument”. It comes with multiple variations to accommodate the surgeons in a variety of surgical procedures. The features of the instrument include a locking mechanism along with finger-ring comfortable handles and blunt or sharp prongs.
... Features of Wullstein Weitlaner Retractor: This versatile retractor plays an important role not only in retraction but significant for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Some amazing features are listed below:
1:Hinged blade
2: 3x4 Blunt or sharp prongs
3: Finger-ring comfortable handles
4: Overall instrument lengths (5 1/2", 6 1/2", 8 1/2")
5: Reusable after sterilization
Benefits of Beckman Weitlaner Retractor: Beckman Weitlaner Retractor proved to be the best for holding back tissues and allow better visualization. Here are some excellent design features of this incredible instrument:
1: Flexibility and high-degree precision while conducting clinical practices
2: High polished finishing for corrosion and aesthetic resistance
3: Premium quality German stainless material

Wullstein Weitlaner Retractor

This self-retaining retractor is commonly used for retraction of small wounds and incisions. This versatile instrument three-pronged raked ends on either side in order to enhance the bilateral exposure of soft tissues. Each arm is downward angled so this structure reduces the surgeon’s hand fatigue. It has a locking mechanism designed to hold this instrument in-place.
... Features of Wullstein Weitlaner Retractor: Wullstein Weitlaner Retractor proved to be the best for retraction of small wounds and allow better visualization. Here are some excellent design features of this incredible instrument:
1:Blunt/Sharp prongs
2: Locking mechanism
3: Overall length varies from 5 1/4"- 6”
4: Reusable after sterilization
Patterns of Weitlaner Retractor: The versatile Weitlaner Retractor is manufactured in multiple patterns to accommodate the surgeons in a wide range of surgical procedures. The amazing patterns of this retractor are given below:
1:Weitlaner Retractor Sharp
2: Weitlaner Retractor Blunt
3: Weitlaner Retractor Solid Blades

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